Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Dawn of True Love...Dedicated to my Queen

Kiasman World, is indeed my private world. My kingdom that I rule with all that I have and that includes the beautiful Queen of my Kingdom who was crowned by Jehovah God to rule alongside me. My real source of inspiration.
Love is just a word that gets its full meaning when the right person comes along. Love is like that magnificent force of the almighty that makes people do the unthinkable and has the ability to bring life to a wanting soul or to destroy life altogether if it is misused. It is such a beautiful thing to feel you are in love with the right person who you never want to  miss a moment without. Love is the highest word as it is a true semblance of the almighty: God is love.
I thus dedicate the poem below to the Queen of my Life, who came into my life and made my life complete. Enjoy the lovely poem, and feel free to copy and dedicate it to someone special in your life.

Like the magnificent eastern horizon sunrise
Presenting to humanity blissful divine promise
Was the first day I got to see your beautiful face
The most beautiful face of all human race
As beautiful as a seraph thou art, Oh! My sweet heart
How sweet is your name to my soul, Oh! My Sweet heart?

Blessed be the day you were born
Blessed be the woman who gave birth to you
Blessed be the first day that I set my eyes on you

Your mellifluous voice is the sweetest melody
Your sweet voice is able to enchant everybody
So charming is the smile of your sensual lips
So enchanting is your beauty like that of a seraph
Your beautiful bosom is the most artistic oh! my sylph
Your splendid figure, in my mind is ever realistic
Every feature of your wonderful self is so artistic!
Your sweet eyes are like the dazzling stars in the heavens above
Like sweet showers from the sky, you shower my life with your love

As beautiful as an angel is you my dear lover
How much I would like to be with you forever
Being close to you I ever sincerely wish
Sharing my eternity with you I really cherish

Let us always share that full cup of true love
Our best gift from God of the Heavens above
Your love is into my life like that sweet sunshine
May the living Jehovah make you eternally mine
I just cannot imagine a future without you
Nothing can stop me from loving you

You are the reason why I am smiling today
Thank you so much for coming into my life.
No amount of words shall ever describe you...

Courtesy of the Rising Sun

Sunday, 10 February 2013


Flowers are believed by many people as mostly a feminine attraction. But despite being a man I have to admit that I love flowers so much and my favorite being “The Red Rose” also known as “Rosemary”. When it comes to relaxation moments I am a bit of a naturalist mostly preferring some solitude moments in natural scenes, my favorite being montane whenever I want to reenergize my mental batteries. To me a clerk weaver’s song in its natural surrounding is more entertaining than any human song on earth, and the sparkle of countless stars in the heavenly firmaments at night is more enchanting than any disco lights ever invented.
It was during one of my visits to the mountains that I came across a beautiful red rose seemingly looking heavenward as if receiving blessings from on high, and that inspired me to write the poem below, which despite having a natural and romantic tune, to me it has a deeper meaning. 

Hail! Oh, superb rose of mine heart
So close to celestials thou art!
Blessings you forever get while still fresh
Oh! Superb Alpine rose that I so cherish!
A Rose flower, note the crimson petals.
Your beautiful crimson petals naturally radiates love
Like the dazzling sun from the heavens up above
So luscious is your so intoxicating fragrance
That overwhelms the air with an aura of romance
Your nectar is sweeter than the sweetest wine
Oh! Splendid rose of the paradise of alpine
Oh! Gorgeous rose of my bliss
Your splendor I ever so miss
So enchanting thou art
Oh! Floral queen of my heart
Oh! Sweet rose, you are an almighty’s master piece
Oh! Beautiful rose, you are my source of inner peace
Oh! Superb rose, you are the source of my soul’s bliss
Oh! Splendid rose, your fragrance is my spirit’s kiss
Oh! Grand rose, you are the most beautiful on earth
Oh! Alpine rose; you are the tower of my strength
I pray that may a *Zephyr blow your petals forever
And that all sweet nature may be your eternal lover
Oh! Flower, your beauty I am unable to converse
Oh! Rose, you own all the splendor of the universe
Everything beautiful in nature just reflects your splendor
Oh! Alpine rose flower, the owner of universal grandeur!
Your sweet core is a real life’s fountain
Life’s continuity it is much able to sustain
Your sweet core is a true and fertile garden
Deep in you is a real luscious love den
A love den full of every heavenly promise
The true genesis of life in a paradise
Rose flower
Oh! My so superb floral gift
The source of my spiritual uplift
A taste of your so luscious core
Is a true ecstatic heavenly score
Why do you dwell in the alpine so high?
Because Jehovah wants you so much nigh
So that your creator can hear your every wish
And bestow you all his blessings while so fresh
God cherish you, oh! Superb alpine rose
That is why he is to you so much close
Montane Region.
Deep in my heart I have a living dream
A vision flowing like a mountain stream
In my soul I have a sincere wish
A desire I so sincerely cherish
My enthusiasm for all seasons
My passion for all best seasons…
…To pluck your sweet self from your alpine
And make your whole self solely ever mine
With gentle kisses to plant you in my garden
To forever be with you in my most private den
To hide you so deep, deep in my tender heart
Where upon you shall never feel any hurt.
Oh! Superb Alpine Rose!        
*Zephyr: A light warming breeze.
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Courtesy of the Rising Sun